Sunday, October 19, 2014

NEW: The Faces live in London 1971 - 1DVD - October 26 - pro-shot

The Faces
Sounds For Saturday
BBC TV Recording
London, England, UK
Date of original gig: 1971-10-26
Initially aired: 1972-04-01
Re-broadcast on BBC Four: 2010-01-xx

So, I turned on one of my external hd's to try to find an old Pixies dvd to upload;  I happen to come across this!  I knew I had a couple of old Rod solo dvd's, but I didn't know I had any Faces in dvd form.  In my defense, I had lost a couple of hd's to failure, so I thought I had lost this. I've had a few of you ask me about my Nirvana material.  The failures are one reason I don't have any Nirvana audio to share here.  I'm actually having to go back and get it here.  As for Nirvana video-  I was able to go back and get a lot of it (but not all).  I have found a couple of their dvd's that are not here and that have not been officially released (as far as I can tell).   They will be coming sometime soon.

Now, I tried to do some research to make sure this was not officially released;  as far as I can tell, it has not.  If you already have this-  shame on you for not sharing sooner   This is where I'm going to ask one more time for anyone who has material from these guys that hasn't been uploaded here-  would you please take the time to upload it here??!  Or, you can contact me and we will figure out a way to get it to me so I can upload it.  This music should not be hoarded imo!!

Now, as for this show.  If you've never seen this (and you're a fan), then you're in for a treat!  It has a good, clean picture to it-  it does have a few special effects;  which were common in those days.  But they don't last long and really aren't that often.  Not enough to distract, imo.

If this has been here before, great  I have not been here that long;  so I'm putting it up.  I had to make a new info file and md5 because I didn't save that stuff way back then.  I did go to the site (it's still there) and get the info though.

BBC4 Freesat Digital-->Humax Foxsat HDR-->TS File USB to
PC-->Video ReDo--> TMPGenc DVD Author3-- >DVD Folder
(unrecoded files)

Specs: 2.62 GB
File Format - PAL DVD
Resolution - 720 x 576
Compression - MPEG-2
Display - 4:3
Frame Rate - 25.00 fps
Running Time - 00:44.20
Audio - MP-2 256kb/s 2-Ch.

Rod Stewart - Lead Vocals
Ronnie Wood - Lead Guitar
Ronnie Lane - Bass
Kenney Jones - Drums
Ian McLagan - Keyboards

01. Three Button Hand Me Down
02. Maybe I'm Amazed
03. Too Much Woman/ Street Fighting Man
04. Miss Judy's Farm
05. Love in Vain
07. Stay With Me
08. I'm Losing You

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here