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NEW: The Faces "Stay With Me (1971-1973)" - 1DVD

The Faces
Stay With Me (1971 - 1973)
ZitRock ZR-DVD-RST-13-06

Lineage: Digital TV >> Panasonic DVD-Recorder (XP mode) >> DVD-R >> HDD >> TMPGEnc (menu/chapters) >> DVD
        (except Bonus 2 & 4: download >> HDD)

ZitRock Artwork included

Swing in - The Faces live at The Marquee

German TV "WDR"- 15th January 1971 / rebroadcasted 23th July 2013 "WDR"

Recorded by "WDR"
The Marquee Club, London *
7th December 1970

You’re My Girl
Too Much Woman
Maybe I’m Amazed
Gasoline Alley
Around The Plynth

running time: 28 minutes


1) Sympathy For The Devil
  German TV "NDR" - 1972 / rebroadcasted 8th October 2005 "NDR"

  Hamburg, Musikhalle - 15th April 1971 (backstage)
  Gasoline Alley - Rod Stewart (a capella)

running time: 8 minutes

2) Swedish TV (March 1972)
  London, The Rainbow - 12th February 1972
  Stay With Me

running time: 6 minutes

3) Top Of The Pops (1971-1972)
  rebroadcasted German/France TV "ARTE" 2008/2009
  Richmond (28th April 1971)
  Bad ’n' Ruin (28th April 1971)
  Maggie May (20th October1971)
  Angel (15th November 1972)

running time: 18 minutes

4) Pop Gala - Dutch TV "VARA"
  Voorburg, De Vliegermolen - 10th March 1973

  Memphis, Tennessee
  True Blue
  Cindy Incidentally
  One Last Sweet Cheerio (backstage, a capella)

running time: 11 minutes

* Almost all and of course the most important webpages referring to Rolling Stones/Ron Wood located & dated this show to 100 Club in London on 7th December 1970.

But it's not true!

I've researched a lot of time to make it sure that this recording is from the Marquee after the editor of the rebroadcasting, which i've contacted,
have told me that it's definitely recorded at the Marquee.

What's the problem:
On the backdrop the typical Marquee logo is missing. So everyone assume that this couldn't be the Marquee.
Also I've found on the net a hint for the 100 Club: "This is not The Marquee, it's The 100 Club, Oxford Street, London. Look at the backdrop it clearly says 100..."

In the course of time a guess and a pronouncement come true!

But if you look close to the Faces backdrop you can see that this is not the backdrop of the 100 Club.
Then I've searched fotos which shows the backdrop of the Marquee Club to compare it with the backdrop which you can see at the Faces show.
And after a lengthy searching I've found a photo from Led Zeppelin at the Marquee Club in March 1971 where you can see the same backdrop (the only difference is that the Marquee logo is there) as it during the Faces show.

(This download contains a sreenshot from 'The Faces/Swing in'and the photo from Led Zeppelin at Marquee Club to compare yourself.)

After clarification about the location I have searched for the correct date.
After discussing the date with Felix Aeppli and Nico Zentgraf we think the correct date is the 7th December 1970.
This date isn't listed as a show at the Marquee but in according to Andy Neill we believe this is the correct date.
In his Faces biography "Had Me a Real Good Time" he speaks of a "private gig filmed for WDR-TV Germany" on 7th December.
But a dead certainty doesn't exist.


 codec: MPEG-2
 frame: 720 x 576
 aspect Ratio: 4:3
 format: PAL 25 fps


 AC-3 - 448 kb/s - stereo 2ch

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

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