Saturday, October 17, 2015

RE-UP: Rolling Stones live in Altamont 1969 - 2CD - December 6

This is an audience recording of The Rolling Stones' notorious free concert at the Altamont Speedway in Livermore, CA, December 6, 1969.  Its source is an XLII-S cassette.  This recording has been used on other bootlegs but this version is a little better and more complete.  It includes the very end of Brown Sugar and the lengthy introduction to Midnight Rambler missing from most versions.  It was apparently recorded by two guys working together.  They are visible quite a bit in the "Gimme Shelter" movie; by Under My Thumb the tapers are in the very front.  The tape recorder is visible on top of one of the big monitor speakers in several occasions; photos are included.

For those of you unfamiliar with the recording, it's generally pretty good.  Drums are mostly inaudible but sometimes they're pretty clear.  Everything else is very clear but muffled during the scuffles.  Plus more profanity from the tapers and crowd than any other tape I can think of, by far.  This is the only known performance of this era of The Sun is Shining by Jimmy Reed, and also the first performance of Brown Sugar, written and recorded just days earlier in Muscle Shoals, AL.  After a quick refresher, they nail it.

I've gone through a couple different versions of cassette recordings of this concert.  This is the latest and greatest.  Unfortunately, all of them are in apparently "electronically reprocessed" stereo, except for the very end of Brown Sugar.  I have left the fake stereo as-is.  If anyone has a true mono recording I would love to hear it.  As with the other cassettes, this one has also been equalized at some point in the copying process.  This one sounded different on Side A and Side B, so I have tried to re-EQ Side B to match.

Historical note:  As documented by the Maysles brothers in "Gimme Shelter," the concert was hastily and poorly organized.  The San Francisco Hell's Angels were much tougher than the English ones previously used for security at Hyde Park five months earlier.  The Maysles included some of the worst footage in their film but this recording shows that they changed the order of some events.  For example, Meredith Hunter was fatally stabbed between two versions of "Under My Thumb."  The film shows him stabbed right after the second version when in fact the Stones immediately launched into the first ever performance of "Brown Sugar."

01. Jumping Jack Flash
02. Carol
03. Sympathy For The Devil 1
04. Sympathy For The Devil 2
05. The Sun Is Shining
06. Stray Cat Blues
07. Love In Vain
08. Under My Thumb 1
09. Under My Thumb 2
10. Brown Sugar (complete)
11. intro
12. Midnight Rambler
13. Live With Me
14. Gimme Shelter
15. Little Queenie
16. Satisfaction
17. Honky Tonk Women
18. Street Fighting Man

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