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RE-UP: Rolling Stones live in Champaign 1969 - 1CD - November 15 - early show

THE ROLLING STONES - "Vintage Champaign"
Assembly Hall, University Of Illinois, Champaign, IL
November 15th, 1969 (early show)

Source: Dog n Cat Records

Sound Quality: Fair to good audience

01 Sam Cutler intro. / Mick’s introduction
02 Jumping Jack Flash
03 Carol
04 Sympathy For The Devil
05 Stray Cat Blues
06 Love In Vain
07 Prodigal Son
08 You Gotta Move
09 Under My Thumb
10 Midnight Rambler
11 Little Queenie
12 Satisfaction
13 Honky Tonk Women
14 Street Fighting Man

According to Collectors Music

Vintage Champaign is an interesting two disc collection of documents.
The bulk of this release has the complete first and half of the second show the Stones played at the Assembly Hall at the University Of Champaign in Illinois just before Thanksgiving.
The complete early show is found on disc one and was previously released on Cocaine On A Dentist Chair (Vinyl Gang VGP 068) where it was paired with the Los Angeles November 8th, early show.
It is a fair to good audience recording that has much in clarity but is betrayed by low frequency hiss that becomes distracting during the louder parts of the music.
There is a cutat the beginning of “Under My Thumb” eliminating the first verse but is otherwise complete.

Early Champaign is a competent show in front of a polite, well behaved, and quiet audience.
Their silence is good for the tape but it is obvious it bothers Jagger and the band seem to suffer from the mid tour doldrums.
Sam Cutler introduces the band and Jagger comes on stage and says in his best hick drawl:  “Welcome to Champaign, Illinois.  We’re right pleased to be here.  You know it’s not too often us country folks get to be in a big town like yours but when we get here we really dig it”.
The set list was heavy on the newer material from Begger’s Banquet and Let It Bleed with several Chuck Berry covers thrown in beginning with the double attack of “Jumping Jack Flash” and “Carol.”

A quick, five minute rendition of “Sympathy For The Devil” follows with a little amount of jamming by the group.
Before “Prodigal Son” Jagger tells the audience they’ll do a couple of acoustic numbers.
“You can come into out kitchen ’cause it’s gonna be raining outdoors.  We’re gonna do a couple of songs, just Keith and me.  The dentist’s chair.  Come in sir.  I’ll just give you a shot of cocaine”.
Richards has a nasty, brilliant sounding tone to his guitar during these two songs.
Before “Love In Vain” Mick apologizes for being so hoarse, “it’s been two shows.  Whew!”
A great version even with Mick avoiding the sustained notes during the verses.
“Midnight Rambler” is introduced as “a song from the new album called Let It……”
He blows the harp twice and they begin a nine minute version of the piece.

Jagger complains about how quiet the audience are after “Little Queenie” and tell them to “shake your ass” which gets the desired result.
Taylor in particular goes solo crazy in the middle of the song to the annoyance of Jagger.
All momentum is lost with a busted string and Jagger wants all the women in the audience to sing the chorus to ”Honky Tonk Women.”
“And Keith too.”
Taylor is absent during most of the track as it tetters on the precipice of disaster.
Things pick up for the final song “Street Fighting Man” which Mick introduces by saying, “We’re gonna do one for you which…think about.  We really dug doing it for him because he was so quiet but you’ve turned out to be real NOISY.”

Artwork included

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