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RE-UP: Rolling Stones live in Champaign 1969 - 1CD - November 15 - late show

THE ROLLING STONES - "Vintage Champaign"
Assembly Hall, University Of Illinois, Champaign, IL
November 15th, 1969 (second show)

Source: Dog n Cat Records

Sound Quality: Good audience


01 Midnight Rambler
02 Little Queenie
03 Satisfaction
04 Honky Tonk Women
05 Street Fighting Man

Vintage Champaign is an interesting two disc collection of documents.
The bulk of this release has the complete first and half of the second show the Stones played at the Assembly Hall at the University Of Champaign in Illinois just before Thanksgiving.

The last five tracks on the second disc contain the final third of the evening show in Champaign.
This is all that exists of this concert and the tape is narrow sounding but is free from the distortion on the tape from the early show.
The tape picks up in the middle of first line of “Midnight Rambler,” “…and everybody’s got to go.”
They sound in much better form and deliver a chilling version of the piece and afterwards Jagger pauses to say, “You’re so beautiful.  I think it’s time to see how beautiful.  They sound beautiful, but do they look beautiful?  Well you all look so delightful.  I didn’t know you dressed up so much.”
“Let It Bleed” someone by the taper then shouts.
“Well we’re gonna do an old rock and roll one that you can all dance to…you can all do your little things…”

Jagger again tells the audience to sing and, with a tuned guitar, they play one of the more fun versions of “Honky Tonk Women” on tape.
”We have to get out now” are Mick’s parting words before whipping the audience up in a frenzy before the final song of the night “Street Fighting Man.”

Artwork included

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