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RE-UP: Rolling Stones live in Detroit 1969 - 1CD - November 24

THE ROLLING STONES - "Live From Detroit 1969"
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI
November 24 , 1969

Source: Minotauro

Sound Quality: Good audience

01 Jumping Jack Flash
02 Carol
03 Sympathy For The Devil
04 Stray Cat Blues
05 Love In Vain
06 Prodigal Son
07 You Gotta Move
08 Under My Thumb
09 Midnight Rambler
10 Live With Me
11 Little Queenie
12 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
13 Honky Tonk Women
14 Street Fighting Man

According From

Good Audience Quality.
Originally released as the second ever Stones boot, "We Never Really Got it On till Detroit.".
Only the first release is stereo.
Now out on this CD, dubbed from the very rare stereo 2 LP set with minimal loss in quality (noise reduction) but some dialogue (scratchy quiet parts) chopped out.

Others comments found in the Web:

Decent audience recording for 1969 but not good by modern standards.
Originally released as the second ever Stones boot (also reviewed in Rolling Stone mag) "We Didn't Really Get It on Until Detroit;"
Supposedly Mick said this meaning it was the first really good show of the tour.
Quickly copied onto several now very obscure double and single LPs, all collectible and scratchy!
Only the first release is stereo.
3 songs (where are the rest?) from a mysterious semi-professional video (!) are available in 7.0 m quality on a rare German LP and the CD-R "American Tour, 1969 Soundboard Compilation."

Artwork included


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