Tuesday, October 27, 2015

RE-UP: Rolling Stones live in Edmonton 1997 - 2CD - October 2 - soundboard

Rolling Stones
Canada Dry - VGP-206
Edmonton - Commonwelth Stadium
October 2 1997

artwork included

 I quote from an Internet review: "Soundboard recording. ...very good sound
quality. Keith is very much in the background and Ron is
up front, giving a splendid opportunity to study him, and he does play and
does it well! Only on a few songs he takes a more or less complete break
. ...many of the songs come out rather... differently this way and not at all bad.
 In fact very good. For example stunning Queenie, 19th Nervous, Mama and SM."

disc 1
3.it's only rock 'n roll
5.let's spend the night together
6.rock and a hard place
7.sister morphine
8.anybody seen my baby
9.19th nervous breakdown
10.out of control
11.gimme shelter
12.miss you
13.band intros

disc 2
1.all about you
2.wanna hold you
3.little queenie
4.crazy mama
5.the last time
6.sympathy for the devil
8.you got me rocking
9.honky tonkk women
10.start me up
11.jumping jack flash
12.you can't always get what you want
13.brown sugar

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