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RE-UP: Rolling Stones live in Fort Collins 1969 - 1CD - November 7

THE ROLLING STONES - "Don't You Wanna Live With Me"
State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
November 7, 1969

Source: Dog n Cat Records

Sound Quality: Fair Audience. Kinda boomy.

Sam Cutler Introduction 0:56
Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:58
Carol 3:51
Sympathy For The Devil 5:06
Stray Cat Blues 4:25
Midnight Rambler 9:02
Under My Thumb 3:57
Prodigal Son 3:58
Love In Vain 6:09
I'm Free 5:58
Little Queenie 4:57
Gimme Shelter 4:21
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 6:37
Honky Tonk Women 4:15
Street Fighting Man 4:37

According to

On "Don’t You Wanna Live With Me", Dog N Cat collect together two completely unrelated audience recordings separated by almost two years and documenting two different circumstances in the band’s history.
The first disc contains the audience recording from the opening night of their 1969 tour which saw a previous release on Catch Your Dreams (Before They Slip Away) (Black Light BL 101).
The sound quality of the tape is merely fair and distant. The music can be heard but Jagger’s comments are lost in the mushy echo surrounding the sounds coming from the stage. This serves as a good document of the first night of an important tour, but doesn’t stand up to repeated listens. In the opinion of correspondent Rawlings, “the Colorado portion of the DAC release offers an enhanced low end but the vocals unfortunately get buried in the mix in the process. I prefer the high end on Catch Your Dreams (Before They Slip Away).
The gain is higher on the DAC release and the drums are pretty much inaudible. It is certainly a very listenable show and I do love the performance!”
The Stones chose to play their first US date in more than three years in Fort Collins, Colorado as a warm up date before the two Los Angeles shows the following night.
The press wouldn’t be there and they could break in their set list before the big shows.
The concert was held in whale shaped, 8745 capacity Moby Arena (The basketball sequences in the 1977 Robbie Benson movie One On One were filmed there – if one is familiar with the movie you can get an idea of how big the arena is).
In typical Stones humor, they had t-shirts printed saying “Fort What?”

This show marks the live debut for “Prodigal Son,” “Little Queenie” and “Gimme Shelter".
“You Gotta Move” and “Live With Me,” two songs that were featured heavily on this tour, were not played in Colorado and would be introduced to the set list in Los Angeles the following night.
The songs selected for this tour features two early songs (“Under My Thumb” and “Satisfaction”), two covers (“Carol” and “Little Queenie”), and much newer material from Beggar’s Banquet and Let It Bleed.
B.B. King was the opening act for this show.
The tape begins with Sam Cutler introducing The Rolling Stones and the first half of the show is played at a fast pace with a few bum notes but sounding very good.
After the first two songs, “Jumping Jack Flash” and “Carol” Jagger’s says in his first address to the audience, “We’re gonna do a few new songs.”
The band then play “Sympathy For The Devil” and the audience cheers when Jagger sings “just as every cop is a criminal / and all the sinners saints.”
“Midnight Rambler” is the second epic jam which lasts nine minutes.
The song would be extended as the tour progresses.
“Under My Thumb” is introduced as a “pop” song.
Bill Wyman’s bass rumbles through this number.
“This is Stu. He plays piano on ‘Honky Tonk Women’” is Jagger’s incongruous introduction before he and Richards play the only acoustic number in the set, “Prodigal Son”.
The next three songs, “Love In Vain,” “I’m Free,” and “Gimme Shelter” are played very slow and makes one wonder if they were running out of energy.
The final three songs sound very good though and the audience appreciates “Street Fighting Man.”

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