Saturday, October 17, 2015

RE-UP: Rolling Stones live in Vienna 1970 - 1CD - September 27

The Rolling Stones 1970-09-27 Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria

WARNING! This is probably one of the worst bootlegs I ever bought… Really for completists only!!!
The front cover indicates: recorded in poor audience quality.
But nice artwork (Mick looking like Wolfgang Amadeus) and a title that refers to the speciality of Salzburg, the “Mozartkugeln” (literally Mozarts balls, no kidding), kind of chocolates. The last reason why I bought this horrible bootleg ? The first concert I listened to on radio was Paris 1970 broadcoasted on Europe I, that I recorded with a microphone. Guess how this recording sounded! Sorry, I haven’t it anymore. Just a memory…

Artwork included.


1. Jumping Jack Flash [04:39]
2. Roll Over Beethoven [02:49]
3. Sympathy For The Devil [08:03]
4. Stray Cat Blues [04:37]
5. Love In Vain [07:07]
6. Prodigal Son [03:34]
7. Dead Flowers [04:28]
8. Midnight Rambler [12:58]
9. Live With Me [04:09]
10. Let It Rock [03:43]
11. Little Queenie [05:18]
12. Brown Sugar [04:25]
13. Honky Tonk Women [04:25]

Download this bootleg here

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