Monday, November 16, 2015

RE-UP: Rolling Stones "Unsurpassed Masters volume 3" - 1CD

Unsurpassed Masters - Volume 3 (1968-1969)

01. Did Everybody Pay Their Dues (Outtake)
02. Dear Doctor (Alternate Mix)
03. Downtown Suzie (Alternate Mix)
04. Blood Red Wine (Outtake)
05. Highway Child (Outtake)
06. Hamburger To Go (Outtake)
07. Sister Morphine (Alternate Mix)
08. Still A Fool (Outtake)
09. Family (Alternate Take)
10. Memo From Turner (Alternate Take)
11. Gimmie Shelter (Alternate Mix w/ Keith vocal)
12. You Got The Silver (Alternate Mix w/ Mick vocal)
13. I'm A Country Boy (Instrumental Outtake)
14. Jiving Sister Fanny (Alternate Mix)
15. Honky Tonk Women (Alternate Mix w/ different lyrics)
16. Country Honk (Alternate Mix without fiddle)
17. All Down The Line (Demo)
18. Loving Cup (Early Take)

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