Monday, November 16, 2015

RE-UP: Rolling Stones "Unsurpassed Masters volume 4" - 1CD

Unsurpassed Masters - Volume 4 (1970-1971)

01. Wild Horses (Alternate Mix)
02. You Gotta Move (Alternate Mix)
03. I Don't Know The Reason Why (Outtake)
04. Sway (Alternate Mix)
05. Dancing In The Light (Instrumental Outtake)
06. Cocksucker Blues (Outtake)
07. Shine A Light (Alternate Mix)
08. Alladin Story (Instrumental Outtake)
09. Leather Jacket (Instrumental Outtake)
10. Good Time Women (Outtake)
11. Potted Shrimp (Instrumental Outtake)
12. Shake Your Hips (Alternate Mix)
13. Silver Train (Alternate Take)
14. Sweet Virginia (Alternate Mix)
15. Stop Breaking Down (Alternate Mix)
16. Travellin' Man (Outtake)
17. Brown Sugar (Alternate Take w/ Eric Clapton)
18. I Ain't Lying (Outtake)
19. All Down The Line (Alternate Mix)
20. Exile On Main Street Blues (Promotional Song)

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