Saturday, June 25, 2016

RE-UP: The Ronnie Wood Show episode 1: Alice Cooper - 1DVD

The Ronnie Wood Show
Episode 1 - Alice Cooper
Sky Arts 1 Premier Broadcast
Friday 24th February 2012

Sky Arts 1 (DVB-C)Philips stand alone DVD rec>Authored using MMEP

DVD split into 7 chapters.
Run time - 00:27:46

Some words from Sky Arts 1 webpage:
Ronnie Wood's first guest is Alice Cooper who shares many a memory with Wood. “It was always a party when Ronnie was in town,” Cooper remembers.
He also reveals Wood and his band’s habit of wrecking hotel suites. “What people don’t realise about the Faces is that they were the all-time champion room destroyers; no one was better at destroying rooms,” he says.
In the intimacy of the recording studio, Wood and Cooper also discuss the influence of the Detroit rock scene, their initial reactions to Iggy Pop’s music and peanut butter-smeared body, and Cooper’s famous stage stunts, including one with a sword that secretly went very wrong.


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