Saturday, February 18, 2017

NEW: The Faces live in London 1970 - 1DVD - December 7 - pro-shot

Swing in - The Faces live at The Marquee

German TV "WDR"- 15th January 1971 / rebroadcasted 23th July 2013 "WDR"

Recorded by "WDR"
The Marquee Club, London *
7th December 1970


codec: MPEG-2
frame: 720 x 576
aspect Ratio: 4:3
format: PAL 25 fps


AC-3 - 448 kb/s - stereo 2ch

Lineage: Digital TV >> Panasonic DVD-Recorder (XP mode) >> DVD-R >> HDD >> TMPGEnc (menu/chapters) >> Torrent (ZitRock) >> DVD Shrink (Re-author mode, no compression)

This is sourced from the "Stay With Me" Faces Compilation DVD torrent created by ZitRock, all credit goes to him. I would have uploaded the whole DVD but it wouldn't be allowed here, so here's the next best thing. No menu but has proper chapters points for each track.

You’re My Girl
Too Much Woman
Maybe I’m Amazed
Gasoline Alley
Around The Plynth

running time: 28 minutes

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

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