Monday, February 6, 2017

NEW: Mick Taylor live at Dead Sea Blues Festival 1990 - 1CD - April 12 - soundboard

Mick Taylor
Dead Sea Blues Festival
Dead Park, Israel


Israeli radio broadcast so either Pre-FM or FM

01 Laundromat Blues
02 Leather Jacket
03 Semolina
04 Band introduction / Goin' South
05 You Gotta Move

Mick Taylor (gtr, voc)
Blondie Chaplin (gtr, voc)
Joel Diamond (keyb)
Wilbur Bascomb (bass)
Eric Parker (dr)

I really like Blondie. I think Mick and Blondie could
put together a nice touring band. I actually perfer
Mick when he has a sidekick to play off of.

Mick get's pissed at the soundman just before 'You Gotta Move'


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