Monday, February 6, 2017

NEW: Mick Taylor live in Meckesheim 1992 - 2CD - November 25

Asphalt Jungle, Meckesheim, Germany
November - 25 - 1992

Vintage sounding tape

First: This does not sound too fine as it was done most likely with a cheap recorder and internal mics. This has also the much annoying "AGC" (Automatic gain control) which increased the
crowd noise between the songs and the start of each as well...This might be around in a better quality (Sbd?), but this is it as it was taped. Even was just a 90 minute tape
which faded out at the end, so it's not the complete show. To my surprise I've found a song which was not listed on the "inofficial" gig guide to Mick Taylor.
Anyway, here it is. Don't kill me for any mistakes...

ALL THAT WAS ON TAPE (95:00 min.)

01. Ansage (1:08)
02. Bad mouth mama (5:54)
03. Hoodoo thing (6:25)
04. How it feels (11:51)
05. Shake your hips (10:40)
06. You're so fine (6:49)
07. You shook me (9:52) tapeflip at 5:17
08. ... (5:59)
09. Stop breaking down (5:58)
10. The promised land (6:39)
11. You gotta move (9:34)
12. Lightning struck -> Cairo motel (14:04)

Download this bootleg here

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