Monday, February 6, 2017

NEW: Mick Taylor "Unplugged on Dutch radio 2001" - 1CD - November 24

Mick Taylor Unplugged w/Erwin Nijhoff (vocals)
Recorded Nov. 24, 2001 at Radio 192 studio
Hilversum (Netherlands)
Broadcast Nov. 26 & Dec. 3, 2001

An acoustic radio session from Dutch radio station "Radio 192", featuring Erwin Nijhoff on vocals.
Guitar Tuning
Sister Morphine
Dead Flowers
Guitar Tuning
I Got The Blues
Guitar Tuning
No Expectations
Guitar Tuning
Dead Flowers (5 takes)
Time Waits For No One (3 takes)

Mick Taylor was asked to do a Radio Interview as part of a upcoming Rolling Stones
Special being put together, he was asked to maybe take part in  some Stones Classic Tunes,
unknown to Mick was what songs he would be asked to play, so what you hear here is the
Genius of Mick Taylor, doodling to songs he hadn't played in a 1/4 of a Century ! Well Mick
seemed to pick up right where he left off, it is amazing to hear how he just starts picking apart
Time Waits for no One, this is a classic song that Mick Taylor never got credit for writing the Melody,
that song alone is worth the "price" of this CD.

Download this bootleg here

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