Thursday, February 2, 2017

NEW: Rolling Stones live in London 2012 - 1DVD - November 29

- - The Rolling Stones - -

Mick Jagger
Keith Richard
Charlie Watts
Ronnie Wood

chapter point / song title

01 -  (Gorilla masked Drummers entrance) & band intro
02 -  Get Off of My Cloud
03 -  I Wanna Be Your Man
04 -  The Last Time
05 -  Paint It Black
06 -  Gimme Shelter (with Florence Welch)
07 -  Lady Jane
08 -  Champagne & Reefer (with Eric Clapton)
09 -  Live With Me
10 -  Miss You
11 -  One More Shot
12 -  Doom and Gloom
13 -  It's Only Rock 'n' Roll  (with Bill Wyman)
14 -  Honky Tonk Women  (with Bill Wyman)
15 -  band introductions
16 -  Before They Make Me Run
17 -  Happy
18 -  Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)
19 -  Start Me Up
20 -  Tumbling Dice
21 -  Brown Sugar
22 -  Sympathy for the Devil
23 -  You Can't Always Get What You Want (with the London Youth Choir)
24 -  Jumpin' Jack Flash
25 -  Satisfaction

Menu / Chapters : yes
venue : 02 Arena
city / country : London. England  
Date : November 29, 2012
DVD size : 4.90 gig - dual layer disc
DVD length : 128 minutes 45 seconds

The Rolling Stones at their 2nd show at 02 Arena in London England 2012-11-29 for their 50th anniversary
this DVD was downloaded from different tracker it was made of HQ You Tube clips (so far only available video)
synced now to Bol's minidisc recording that was remastered by Strettonbull and uploaded on Dime
the DVD-MPG copied to PC a 5 second MPG title was added using a mpg-editor, audio de-muxed then synced
and re-muxed back without any re-encoding (original audio was mpg layer II 224 bitrate new audio is AC3 256 bitrate)

Some songs were missing opening notes and that missing audio was placed at the end of the previous song
(the same for the chapter points) as it was only the band getting applause then this method worked very well,
a couple of songs there was more still missing music but those songs instead have been faded in
some audio clicks were fixed and some minor volume adjustments mainly start of songs it's a big improvement
over the original DVD, probably a wasted effort once a better video turns up but in case it doesn't happen soon
this should keep a few Gorilla's happy until then

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

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