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RE-UP: Keith Richards live in Madrid 1992 - 2CD - December 13

Title: Demon In Madrid
Manufacturer: Memory Motel Records (CDr release)
Catalog: MMR 04/05
Complete Show: Yes
Format: 2CDr
Disc 1: (71:17)
Disc 2: (67:49)
Artwork: included

Disc 1:

A01 Take It So Hard  04:05
A02 999  06:41
A03 Wicked As It Seems  05:21
A04 How I Wish  03:58
A05 Runnin' Too Deep  04:24
A06 Too Rude  09:19
A07 Big Enough  04:02
A08 Yap Yap  05:29
A09 Time Is On My Side  04:49
A10 Hate It When You Leave  06:03
A11 Before They Make Me Run  03:49
A12 Eileen  05:47
A13 Will But You Won't  07:22

Disc 2:

B01 Bodytalks  06:35
B02 I Could Have Stood You Up  04:17
B03 Happy  07:42
B04 Connection  02:28
B05 Whip It Up  07:00
B06 Take It So Hard  03:22
B07 Struggle  03:30
B08 Let's Go Steady  03:35
B09 Worried Life Blues  06:22
B10 Crushed Pearl  03:16
B11 Treat me Like A Fool  05:06
B12 Baby You're Too Much  05:25
B13 Golden Caddy III (Intrumental) 09:06

December 13, 1992,
Sala Aqualung, Madrid, Spain

Bonus Tracks
Disc #2, tracks 6,7: Live Saturday Night Live, October 8, 1988
Disc #2, tracks 8,9: New Barbarians Live Knebworth, August 11, 1979
Disc #2, tracks 10,11,12: Dirty Work Outtakes
Disc #2, track 13: Undercover Outtake

This is an inferior audience recording than the following day already upload on the track.
It can be heard some audience talking and too much bass, but overall it is a
listenible audience recording.
Gimme Shelter was not played in the 13th, but as usual in the 14th.
Viceversa for Connection.
This was tranfered after a friend of mine handed me two tapes (master or very low gen)
but there are some minor cuts during the recording, but no song is cut
HIWYL has the first seconds missing.

The bonus tracks are quite different but they are are hard to find, especially the audio
from the SNL when Keith introduced his "new" album Talk is Cheap.
2 KR on vocals tracks from the Knebwoth 1979 festival with The New barbarians.
And 4 studio tracks, 3 coming from the DW outtakes, excellent and beautiful songs
that were not included in the DW and that I still expect that someday will
be in an Stones album in top quality.
Last song, instrumental, is the common titled Golden Caddy III
(also known as Brown Leaves III) an excellent outtake form the Undercover album, 9 minutes of
pure joy and saddness...

Line Up:

KR (gtr, voc)
Steve Jordan (dr, bass, bvoc)
Charley Drayton (bass, dr, bvoc)
Ivan Neville (keyb, perc, bvoc)
Waddy Wachtel (gtr, bvoc)
Sarah Dash (voc)

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