Tuesday, February 21, 2017

RE-UP: Rolling Stones live in San Francisco 2005 - 2CD - November 15

Rolling Stones
SBC Park
San Francisco, Cailfornia USA

Audience recording

Comments: This was the third time seeing the Stones (81' and 89'), and what a
beautiful balmy full moon evening in San Francisco. The Stones put on their current
tour rather well we thought. Our seats were 1st row of the upper deck along the 1st
base side if you will, about 3/4th's the way down toward the bay. There was this tall
slim speaker tower about 50' from us that produced some nice clean sound. There was a
group of about 4-5 teenagers behind us who behaved very well during this show. The
recording came out rather well. These mics worked well without any extra battery power
as the Stones did not play super loud, however, I would soon discover most bands play
loud enough to warrant the extra power and bass roll-off option. We really enjoyed
this show, hope you do as well.

Disc change during SFTD, missed about 30 seconds or so.


02-Start Me Up
04-Mick speaks
05-Shes So Cold
06-Tumbling Dice
07-Rough Justice
08-Rain Fall Down
09-As Tears Go By
10-Midnight Rambler
11-Night Time Is The Right Time
12-Band Introductions
13-Slipping Away
15-Miss You
16-Oh No Not You Again
17-You Got Me Rocking
18-Honky Tonk Women
19-Sympathy For The Devil
20-Sympathy For The Devil (Disc Change)
21-Its Only Rock N Roll
22-Brown Sugar
23-Jumping Jack Flash


24-You Cant Always Get What You Want


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