Wednesday, March 29, 2017

RE-UP: Tumbling Dice live in Kendall 1992 - 1CD - May 2

Tumbling Dice aka ;

Mick Taylor, Nicky Hopkins, Bobby Keyes

Charcoals, Kendall, FL
May 2nd, 1992
Audience recording

The sound quality for the May 2nd show is "excellent" by the start of the first song. This show is arguably the best of the three from this line-up in South Florida... Yes, I purported the April 29th show to be the best but upon further review this show really kicks ass.

Set List ; May 2, 1992

01 Intro 1;01
02 Hideaway 6;48
03 Mercy Mercy 8;36
04 You Gotta Move 9;26
05 Edward 7;07
06 Soul Serenade 11;23
07 Introducing Can t You Hear Me Knocking 0;38
08 Can t You Hear Me Knocking 9;46
09 Outro 0;52

Since I got one track title wrong the last time around (by not just going with the information from Nico's fabulous site), the track titles were taken from Nico's site... EXCEPT track 206; Bobby Keys had introduced this song on April 29th and credited it to King Curtis so I'm going with that.
For the line up of players, again, I refer all to Nico's site (additional sax player "Charlie" is introduced somewhere between 202 and 203 on May 2nd).

Time ; 55;36


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