Saturday, May 6, 2017

RE-UP: Rolling Stones "Mad Shadows" - 1CD - sessions 1964-1973

Mad ShadowsSessions 1964 - 1973 - Scorpio - SB 6

Track List:
Hi Heel Sneakers
Stewed and Keefed
Tell Me Baby
Meet Me In the Bottom
Don't Lie to Me
1964 Blues Jam
Looking Tired
Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby
I Can See It
Everybody Pays Their Dues
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Honky Tonk Woman
Good Time Woman
All Down the Line
I Don't Know the Reason Why
32-20 Blues
Dancing With Mr. Dee
Criss Cross Man
Silver Train
Comments: Good collection of rare outtakes, including some new tracks that had previously never surfaced in the trading community.

Download this bootleg here

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